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Currently we have close to 50 species/variants of shrimps in breeding with concentration on crystal red shrimp, crystal black, various tigers and bee shrimps, these are the species we can supply at very good price.  Below is the slide show of the shrimps we are breeding now.

Red Bee Shrimps
We breed high quality red bee shrimps
Crown Mosura Crystal Red Shrimp
We work on breed crystal red shrimps with various pattern on body (hinomaru, mosura, whitebody) and head (crown, flowerhead).
Auro Blue Shrimp
This is the species we first introduce to the world. This is the only blue shrimps from caridina genus.
Pure Black Line
We supply pure black line and pure red line too.
Crystal Red Shrimp Normal Grade
We need this in 50,000 per month. We offer the best price for this variation
Crystal Black Shrimp
This is enter level shrimp and we can supply in tens of thousand per month at very good price.
King Kong / Taiwan Bee Shrimp
We are one of the first to breed this shrimp in mass in Asia.
Blue Panda Shrimp
A variation of Taiwan Bee, this variant, we improve in the blue color on the body.
Blue Bolt Shrimp
This species appear after crossing King Kong Shrimp with snow white / golden CRS.
Wine Red Shrimp
This is the red color variation of Taiwan Bee
Bloody Wine Red Shrimp
This color variation of Taiwan Bee shrimp black shade on red.
Extreme King Kong Shrimp
We breed extreme version of King Kong (Taiwan Bee) Shrimp too. This is the red version and we have whole black too
Golden CRS / Snow White Shrimp
We have small amount of this to supply.
Fire Red Shrimp
This is the all time favoriate in the world. We can supply huge quantity of range of quality from Cherry, Fire Red to Painted Fire Red.
Yellow / Fire Shrimp
This is another popular color variation from neocaridina genus. We have both normal and golden back version.
Chocolate shrimp
We supply Chocolate Shrimp too.
Red Rili Shrimp
This is the first rili form of neocaridina and still the best seller today.
Carbon Rili Shrimp
Another rili color variation which we are producing
Tangerine Tiger
We produce this species in China in large number and is able to offer the lowest price possible.
White Body Taiwan Bee
We start to produce this in large number and will be able to offer best price.
Golden/Orange Eye Blue Tiger Shrimp
This is the first golden eyes tiger shrimp we mass breed, the Golden Eyes Blue Tiger Shrimp
Golden/Orange Eye Black Tiger Shrimp
This is golden black tiger shrimp
Tiger Shrimp
This is the super form of Tiger Shrimp we can supply in large number.
Bee Shrimps
We can supply various species of bee shrimps in large number and good price.
Strawberry Shrimp
This is a new variation of caridina we developed.

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