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In 2005, a group of Taiwanese saw the opportunity of introducing a few hobby to China market by introducing shrimp keeping hobby. We transformed a flowerhorn fish breeding farm to breed crystal red shrimps, the breeding technology was lead by Mr Yeh Chun Chin from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  In the beginning, the shrimps were supplied to China internal market start to export small quantity in the late 2006. At a latter stage, a total of 1000 tanks were setup and 30,000 crystal red shrimp were produced monthly, with our high and consistent quality, we are able to enter Japanese market with contract breeding at 50,000 crystal red shrimp per months.

Dilwyn Tng also known as silane was contracted to be consultant in 2009, he introduced refinement of wild caught shrimps to the farm and cross breeding of shrimps to produce new variation and he introduced Fu Shrimp China to the world and the farm has became a major shrimp exporter to the west.


Aquanet,tv and Chris Lukhaup visited Fu Shrimp China and show the world the breeding facility we had in our old site.

In 2010, due to the need of breeding space for new species, for example King kong (Taiwan bee shrimps), experimental cross breeding and refinement, the farm has moved to current location with 4000 tanks in total.  And we are the first to acquire export licence in Xiamen, China.  Today, we have a total of 4 breeding rooms, export, import quarantine room, packing facilities and enclosed breeding ponds.

Today, to help our international customers to reduce freight costs, we offer high quality tropical fish and cold water fish (fantail) beside shrimps. We can export from Xiamen airport and Guangzhou airport and work closely with Chinese veterinary authority to certify  and issue  disease free health certificate as per required by importing countries.

We have never been owned or invested by anyone claimed to be pull out from our farm and now has a setup in Taiwan, Pingtung.  We are an established company and our brand name is good to make use of.


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